RubixCubeArt Features and Options

Create pixelated, custom wall art using iconic Rubik’s Cubes as the paint and canvas
Designed from your image or logo
Shipped FREE to the USA and Canada

3 Project Options

Option 1:  Fully Framed and Assembled

These RubixCubeArt Projects are delivered fully assembled in a Black Wood Floater Frame.  This Frame was chosen since it reveals the edge of the cubes as well.  This is preferable to a fully-enclosed, shadow box style frame which adds additional weight and gives the cubes more of a 2-dimensional appearance.  All of our framed projects come with a Hangman heavy duty hanging system rated for double the weight of the finished project.

Here is a close-up of our frame with Mini Cubes and Standard Cubes …

Framed on Edge


Option 2:  Mounted to Foam Board

These RubixCubeArt Projects are delivered mostly assembled and affixed to 3/16″ white foam board.  The finished project may come in 1-6 pieces depending on the final dimensions of the project.  Assembly instructions are included along with suggested adhesives for mounting the cubes directly to the wall or to plywood which could then be hung like a mirror.  This option should be selected for non-rectangular projects, or projects where extra white perimeter cubes are removed.

Here is an example of a mounted, irregularly shaped project and a project mounted in sections directly to a wall …

Cube Mosaic Mounted Art Project

Option 3:  Fully Solved and Ready to Assemble

These RubixCubeArt Projects are delivered with cubes affixed to each other in blocks of 6-12 cubes.  Each unit of solved cubes is labeled on the reverse side with placement coordinates for the final project.  Detailed assembly instructions are included including the recommended adhesives for affixing the cubes to each other and to backing boards.  This type of project has the shortest production time and the most economical.

Here are views of the cubes as received in stacks, and arranged upside down in order for inclusion inside a frame…

2 Cube Size Options

Standard (5.3 cm) Cubes

These projects use “party favor” grade cubes measuring 5.3 cm in all dimensions as the paint and canvas for your project.  The cubes do not turn well, but for a fixed use like this, they are the most economical for both cost and weight.  For a more detailed size and weight estimate for your Standard Cube project see our Size and Weight Guide.

Standard 300 Cube Framed Mosaic


From Left to Right:  Mini (3cm) Cube, Standard (5.3cm) cube, Genuine Rubik’s (TM) Cube (special order for RubixCubeArt projects), and White Cubes (special order for RubixCubeArt projects).

Mini (3cm) Cubes

These 3cm “party favor” grade cubes are colorful and light.  They are great if you need to increase the pixel density of your photo without increasing the size.  For a comparison of size and weight between Standard and Mini Cubes, see our Size and Weight Guide.

Customized Rubik's Cube Mini Framed Art