FAQ's and Terms & Conditions

A.  Your project will be designed, assembled, and shipped from our headquarters in Georgia, USA.  RubixCubeArt is a family-owned and operated business where our designers pixelate, turn, and assemble the cubes all under one roof in our workshop.

A.  Prices start at $299 for a project of under 100 cubes shipped and ready to assemble.  The cubes will be individually turned to match your photo proof, and are sent attached in groups of 6-12 with an assembly grid.
Prices start at $499 for a fully-framed project of under 100 cubes.
For individuals who are already talented cube turners, we also offer our design service for only $79.  This includes a proof of your photo or logo converted to cube art using our proprietary software.  The design will be sent showing the configuration of each cube in a coordinate grid along with recommended adhesives to use for final assembly.
Compared to the $9.00 cost of one, genuine Puzzle Cube, our fully-framed customized art work can be shipped to you and ready to hang for only $2.80 – $5.50 per cube.
To see specific pricing for your project, please build your project in our online store.

A.  Shipping is FREE to the USA and Canada via UPS Ground.  Customers in other countries can select the appropriate international shipping option when completing their order.  For customers outside of North America, we urge you to purchase your project as “Ready to Assemble” or “Mounted” to save on shipping costs.  This reduces the maximum dimension that often triggers a higher weight estimate.  Email us your shipping address and desired product at support@RubixCubeArt.com for an exact shipping quote for your project, as we could save you some over our quoted price.

A.  We use “party favor” grade cubes for most of our work.  While these cubes do not turn very easily, they are cheaper and lighter than genuine Rubik’s Cubes or other speed cubes currently sold.  Since these cubes will be permanently glued together and hung on the wall, cheaper and lighter is preferable.  These cubes feature the typical color shades of white, yellow, orange, red, blue, and green, although they are not exactly identical to the original cubes.
We have two sizes of cubes to choose from:  Standard (5.3cm wide) and Mini (3cm wide).  The original cube, first released in 1979 is 5.7cm wide for comparison.
Sticker placement on these cubes can sometimes be a bit irregular.  This adds to the charm of the project, however, if after completion of the project, adjacent cube sticker placements create a thick black line, the stickers will be shifted our touched up to improve the overall look of the finished image.

A.  If they are all identical, 3×3 cubes that fully turn in all directions, then we can certainly use them.  Email support@RubixCubeArt.com for a customized quote.  Typically this will result in a savings of $50 to $200 depending on the size of the project.

A.  The possibilities are endless.  For more information on what images make the best cube art mosaics, check out our Image Guide for some tips to choose the best image to convert into pixelated cube art.

A.  Any image will look better with more pixels, so more cubes will always give a higher quality image. We suggest that you order the largest number of cubes that you can fit in your wall space.  For more details, see our Size Guide.  If you have a limited amount of wall space, or budget, then consider choosing the Mini-Cube option.
If you are still unsure, simply purchase our design-only feature for $79.  When you receive your design proofs, you will see your image depicted in 3 different sizes and resolutions.  You will also receive a coupon for $79 off your next order of cubes from RubixCubeArt.com

A.  Framed projects can be quite heavy.  All of our framed projects contain appropriate mounting hardware that exceed the specifications for the weight of your finished piece.  It is your responsibility to properly mount the piece to at least one stud on typical indoor walls, or use appropriate anchors for mounting to other surfaces.  You should NOT mount our standard cube, framed pieces only with drywall anchors.  Mini-cube framed projects typically do not need to be mounted on studs.  For some size and weight estimates, please refer to our size and weight guide.

A.  Typical time frames after order is placed and appropriate image is received by RubixCubeArt.com …
Upon receipt of order:  Customer emails .jpg file of the artwork to be used.  We will reply within 24 hours acknowledging receipt of your image and will message you with any expected delays in the rare event that cubes or framing supplies are out of stock.  If the uploaded image has issues that make conversion to a cube mosaic, there will be a delay while we communicate with the purchaser.  Please refer to our image guide for more information.
1-3 business days:  Pixelated design proof of the project is emailed to purchaser for approval.
10-14 business days after approval of project proof:  Finished project is shipped to the purchaser.  This time frame will be shorter for smaller projects, or if the “Mounted” or “Ready to Assemble” option is selected.  Shipping to the USA and Canada is FREE via UPS Ground.
Rush assembly and shipment is available during the purchase process.  Rush processing will guarantee that your order will move to the front of the queue for production and assembly.  Email us at support@RubixCubeArt.com for a more specific rush shipping time.

A.  We accept all major credit cards through our SSL-secured payment gateway.  All browsing and transactions on RubixCubeArt.com occur under SSL protection, so you know your time with us is safe.

Your Purchase:  We guarantee that cubes and finished pieces will closely match your approved design proof.   You are purchasing our design expertise and skill at customizing and assembling the cubes.  We do not resell the cubes alone, unless they are fully customized to create pixelated mosaic art.  You are not purchasing cubes as the cubes are simply our “paint and canvas”.

Image Release and Use:  By submitting an image to RubixCubeArt.com, you are certifying that you have the rights to approximate the image as a single copy of pixelated artwork made from puzzle cubes for your own personal use.  You give us the right to post an image of your finished order or design proof to our website and/or social media platforms.  This permission may be revoked at any time by the purchaser.  Simply email us directly with the order number of your product for reference.

Warranty:  There is no warranty on the cubes themselves since they are not meant to be used as intended or handled and turned in any way.  They are simply used as a decorative item and provided in a single, fixed form.

  • The cubes will be secured to each other on at least 2 sides to prevent turning. Any attempt to turn or adjust a cube could damage it.
  • Any visible cube face that is damaged in shipping will be replaced by us at no charge. The end user shall then insert the replacement cube into the mosaic and glue into place.
  • The puzzle cubes that we use are generic, “party favor” grade cubes.  There will be some slight irregularities with sticker placement.  This adds to the uniqueness and
    close up of cube faces

    Close up of actual cube faces

    charm of the project and, in no way, represents a defect.  Subtle differences in cube size and shape will also add character to the final product without changing the overall image quality.  In rare instances, if two pixels with slightly off-center stickers meet and produce a distracting, wide black line, the stickers will be relocated or touched up.  After all, these are real cubes, not some flat, painted grid made to look like cubes.  These mosaics are meant to be admired from 6 feet away or further to let the brain “stitch” the image together.  We cannot guarantee an exact Pantone-level color match to your photo/log or even to our own plans, although care is taken to match the colors as close as possible.  If you wish to use different cubes, branded cubes, or cubes made from white plastic, email us for a special order price quote.

Mounting and Hanging Instructions:  It is the end user’s responsibility to supply the necessary hardware to hang the framed, finished piece on their wall. The hanging bracket should be secured to at least one stud.  Mounted pieces are secured to 3/16″ foam board and must be handled with care and carried with 2 hands until they are permanently mounted by the purchaser.  We are not responsible for damage incurred by improper hanging of the finished piece.  These pieces are designed to be kept in a dry, climate controlled, indoor location.  Any exposure to water or temperature extremes will potentially weaken the glue and cause damage.

Delivery Timing/Rush Production:  Each piece is unique and each cube is solved individually by real humans.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee a set delivery window, although it is our goal to have each completed project shipped within 2-3 weeks if all cubes are in stock at the time of production.  If you need your finished work sooner, drop us an email at support@rubixcubeart.com for the current rush shipping times.  We are not responsible for delays due to cube supply chain issues.

Refunds:  All sales placed shall be considered FINAL since work is begun immediately upon receipt of the order.  Any order that is cancelled prior to the approval of the design proof will be refunded the entire amount paid minus the $79 design fee.  Once we have email confirmation from the purchaser that the design proof has been approved, the transaction becomes non-refundable since customized work beyond the design proof will have begun.