Selecting the Perfect Image for RubixCubeArt

Color Tips

Colors in your photos are mapped to either White, Yellow, Orange, Red, or Blue.  Green looks best only when it is representing actual green in the photo or logo.
For a face, if the background is white, then teeth and eyes might have some white, while yellow and orange and some red will be used for skin tones.  If the background and clothing is darker, then a face will often become mostly white with yellow and orange being used for the facial details.
Photos with Black, Purple, or Brown do not represent well unless you are willing to have Blue map to these darker colors.  In some cases, Black will become Blue and Brown might be represented by Red.
In head shots, it is important to avoid clothing that matches the subject’s face or background color.  The head will appear to be shaped oddly, or float in the center of the image.

Photo Backgrounds

Photos sent to us for design can be .jpg files of any resolution.  We will scale down the photos to form the pixelated image.
Please make sure the subject has a neutral, light background or your project could be delayed if we have to add a Photoshop step to remove background noise.
Busy backgrounds and patterned clothing tend to take away definition from the main subject

Here is an example of a difficult face to pixelate followed by a great photo:
wonka         model-headshot

Logos and Clip Art

These can make some really great cube mosaics even at low resolution.  Logos with text and more than 5 colors, or logos that depend on Black, Brown, and Purple will not be represented as well.
Flags that are mostly geometric will also represent well at all sizes
Logos with small print will need larger number of pixels for a good outcome.

Perfect choices for pixelated cube art:

google_2015_logo_detail       uk-flag

More intricate examples that which will require more cubes, but great colors for cube art:

brazil-flag            nbc-logo

Feel free to email us anytime at  We will be happy to answer your questions regarding your images.  For the best approximation of what your project might look like at different resolutions, purchase our Design Service and we will show you proofs of your photo at different resolutions so you can make a more informed decision.  You will receive a coupon for the cost of the design service that you can apply toward your order of that completed project.